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About Us

Success is planned, don't go at it blind.

Our secret is that we have experts for every phase of your business and life.

We pride ourselves in creating a blue print that benefits you in a way that echoes for generations after you.

Liquid Equity Partners Was Founded On The Belief That The Financial Future Of Your Business Should Be Predictable, Sustainable, And Secure.   To That End, We Strive To Put Forward Solutions We Recommend To Our Clients That Are The Exact Same Strategies Our Experts Use For Their Own Planning.  We Walk In Step With Our Clients Which Gives Us The Confidence To Know We Are Always Putting Our Clients Interests Above All Else.

We Explore

We want to understand you, your goals, your obstacles and everything else in between.

We Educate

We have many tools and solutions, but we believe in teaching you what will work for your situation.

We Empower

We put the plan and the tools at your disposal to start the change that will improve your business and/or life.

We Enhance

We give you on-going support and assistance.  We believe that your our client for life and we will help you keep moving in the right direction.

We love what we do.

Our company is built on a repeatable process of proving our ROI and delivering on our word.

We can help you get in position for your business that will far exceed the "trial and error" or "do nothing" methods most use. We believe that you can achieve more, let us help.


Duc Quach, Co-Founder

Duc Quach is an active community leader that has helped individuals and businesses increase their ability to grow strong financial assets. He believes in humbly serving people in a way that makes a large impact. This includes developing programs that give individuals and business owners free financial education and encouraging community generosity to local charities.

Duc is motivated by helping people. His goal to develop and help his clients stems from his parents. Duc’s parents, first generation United States citizens from Vietnam, had hopes and dreams of creating a new life in the United States. Like most people his parents bought into various financial products, but again, like most people they did not have the knowledge to fully utilize the benefits of the products they were sold. Having the right education and guidance would have reduced his parents workload and increased their quality of life.
Duc made it his goal to better educate himself about different financial services and pass along his knowledge. Duc spends a considerable amount of time with each of his clients building to perfect their own financial plan, explaining and letting them understand how to grow their assets. He has created financial service tools, including his signature Living Benefit Accounts, Business Pension Plans and Private Lending practice to create more value and income opportunity for his clients.

Beyond Business
Duc Quach is a father with a young son and daughter, which he raises with a foundation built on his Christian Faith with his loving wife. He believes in giving back to his community and contributing in any way he can. He is committed to volunteering, working with various ministries and currently serves on the San Jose Police Foundation Board

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Vic Farlie Partner

Vic is a successful private business owner and founder of an industry trade association. He is a business architect with direct experience of creating, building and selling companies. Vic’s focus combines business strategy and operations – knowing what you believe in, making it happen with an emphasis on securing long-term personal wealth.

He’s been a company director for the past 25 years across a variety of business cultures and ownership structures. Vic understands the weight of decision making, knows the information required, can assess risk and what techniques you need to look ahead. These are the critical elements in deciding when and how to grow, and when to consolidate. He has mentored and supported people making the personal transition into company ownership.

Many describe Vic as an innovator, highly analytical and consultative. A natural team player that looks to design the right solution for each business problem. Often this means working with accountants, lawyers and tech specialists in a team environment to secure the right answer.

Alongside his business career, Vic has a deep commitment to philanthropy. He has established a ‘not for profit’ property company to support new entrepreneurs and small businesses to secure their first offices and factory space. Over 25 years, the organization is debt free and has created a 10-building portfolio now valued more than $20m. Vic says it’s most satisfying is to see how many people now enjoy the freedom to own and run their own business.

After graduating Vic enjoyed a public service career in education and human capital management before creating his first company. These experiences and values have shaped his business and personal life.

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Anselm Bossacoma Partner

Anselm Bossacoma is the Director of Business and Innovation of the Catalonia America Council.  He is an entrepreneur and deal architect with over 19 years of experience at the intersection of technology, investment, and innovation. This gives him the ability to channel what the business needs to succeed.  His years of experience leads businesses to success. He’s had the privilege of advising and mentoring successful entrepreneurs from around the world as Silicon Valley Executive Director for trade and investment relations between Catalonia and California (2005-2018).  Since being named acting Trade Commissioner by the Government of Catalonia in 2014, Anselm leveraged this experience to promote bilateral trade relations between Catalonia and the United States until 2017.

He has cultivated networks between both Fortune 500 multinationals and innovative startups across the IT, real estate, biotech, entertainment, fashion, food & beverage, specialty manufacturing, and public relations industries.

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Sales & Marketing Expert

Organizational Development

Human Capital Management Consultant

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