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Business Management Consulting Services

Every Ambitious Goal Needs an Equally Ambitious Plan

There are many moving parts when it comes to running a business.  From managing people to managing processes to managing money, it is a lot to manage let alone build a plan to grow in each phase.  Most business owners manage all of these different phases and making adjustments as they increase their capabilities.

What if you can grow your business faster and increase efficiency,  so that you make more money?  This is why Liquid Equity Partners does business management consulting, to help you get the most out of your resources and plan for healthy growth that is backed by good analytics.

What we do:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Financial Analysis
  • Organizational Development
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Business Funding

Business Plan Development

Creating the right business plan for our clients takes understanding and a group of talented subject matter experts that can collaborate together.  To build a plan truly tailored to your success you need quick wins, but more importantly a long term vision and strategic actionable items that lead you to your goal.

Financial Analysis

Strong businesses run a tight ship when it comes to detailed financial records.  The best decision making is when you can make sense of your financial numbers.  We can help you identify opportunities that will help your bottom-line.

Organizational Development

Do you know where your organization is going to be in the 3 – 5 years?  Organizational Development is vastly overlooked by business owners, especially when you are busy in the trenches delivering goods and services.  We can help you get focused on developing your company and become more profitable.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Business Development is the life blood of all businesses.  Your organization needs new customers to stay in business.  We help business owners plan the right strategy, which will help them save money from costly mistakes, while developing their brand in their target market.

Business Funding

Business expansion takes access to funding and the right planning.  We can guide you through your goals and take the right steps to make sure you get the funding you need to support your business.  We have both traditional and creative strategies to find the money you need to fund your business expansion.

We do all this and much more.  We tailor the right business management consulting services to help you reach your goal.

Who does our Business Management Consulting help:

The Super Busy Owner

Maybe your company  is doing too well in booking new sales that it has your head spinning.  Well, when your hard at work to deliver your goods and services to your clients, who is looking out for the future of you company and finding where you have revenue leaks?  Talk to us we can help you.

Looking to Grow

Expanding your business is not as easy as it looks.  Save time and money by letting us help you with your plan and strategy to ensure every detail has been accounted for.  Don’t get caught off guard with what you don’t know.

High Debt Business Owners

Is your company going through a phase where it feels like slow death?  Sometimes you need a fresh strategy and a new plan to turn your company around.  We help you find better options and put you in a position to control your own destiny.

Start-up Businesses

You are new and excited about launching your soon to be empire, but you don’t have all the knowledge of running a business.  Winging it may not be your best options, especially in a professional landscape where one lawsuit can derail your future. We can help you.

The Manager/Business Owner

If you are a manager/business owner, this means your company couldn’t function without your instructions and you directing the workload.  This also makes it hard for you to take personal time off from running your company.  We can help you get a better organizational structure and document critical operational procedures.

Bottom-line Owners

Bottom-line owners are business owners that embrace change, if their is a proven advantage or tangible value from making the change.  We understand the need to be progressive and also show the return-on-investment.  That is why our services are guaranteed.

Let's work together to achieve more...

Liquid Equity Partners knows that with an ambitious goal and everyone moving in the same direction the impossible is possible.  We partner with businesses to give them an advantage in building success faster. Let us help you on your journey.